Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Winner of the Polaris Music Prize - Caribou

The winner of the Polaris Music Prize was chosen and announced yesterday. After months of narrowing the nominees and the journalists down, they finally came to the conclusion that Ontario's Caribou is the worthiest of them all.

I wrote about the short list nominees back in July and I really thought Plants and Animals would take the prize. I'm not disappointed or angry that Caribou won. They deserve it or should I say, he deserves it. Caribou is essentially Daniel Snaith who used to perform under the name Manitoba but was forced to change his name because of Handsome Dick Manitoba from the band, The Dictators. Complicated story but in the end, Manitoba turned into Caribou.

So what did Caribou win? He won the title, Polaris Music Prize Winner, and $20,000 that he may save for space travel in the future.

The album that won him the prize was Andorra; an album full of psychedelic instrumental euphony and soft vocals. Overall, it's a fairly unique and creative album.

Check out as much as you can below.

Caribou - Melody Day

Caribou - She's the One

Caribou's Official website
Caribou's Myspace

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