Tuesday, June 30, 2009


"Time stops still when you've lost love"

It's hard to believe that I just got into this song. I heard Metronomy's remix of it last year and loved that. At the time, I hadn't heard many good things about Goldfrapp so I did the worst thing possible and didn't check them out for myself. Thanks to hanging out at HMV, I heard the original being played in the electronic section. After that, I got my hands on Goldfrapp's latest album, Seventh Tree, and now, I can't stop listening to "Happiness."

I love her voice in this song. Especially when she sings the bridge and the chorus; it's almost like her voice is part of some eerie, truthful draft that passes by. I also feel like this song would be really good in a musical. It makes me want to dance in sequence with a group of people down the street. How cool is that?

Goldfrapp - Happiness

And here's the Metronomy remix, which is also really good.

Goldfrapp - Happiness feat. the Teenagers (Metronomy remix)

Monday, June 29, 2009

Little Bit Live Remix

Death to the Throne has done another Lykke Li remix (he may be as obsessed as I am...this is his third Lykke Li remix).

I downloaded this as a "Re-remix" but technically (in my opinion), it is not. It's another remix by Death to the Throne of Lykke Li's song "Little Bit" but it's a live version of the song remixed; not the original. Therefore not a re-remix of the same remix he did before...if that makes any sense. And frankly, this remix is one of the better remixes I've heard Death to the Throne do. He added way more than just a heavy beat; there's some crazy 8-bit keyboard noises thrown in there.

Lykke Li - Little Bit Live (Death to the Throne Remix)

Vancouver's night scene

Fever Ray's got it down...

Fever Ray - If I Had a Heart (Fuck Buttons Remix)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Lose You

I've never really been a big fan of Peaches but this remix, and song, are amazing. I thought maybe I was only into the remix because Yuksek and Brodinski collaborated on it but I listened to the original and to my surprise, I'm feeling it as well. Apparently, I need to give Peaches another chance.

The remix is a little more euphoric and trance-like than the original but doesn't stray too far from it. Both are equally good for the dance floor. Check 'em out.

Peaches - Lose You

Peaches - Lose You (Yuksek and Brodinski remix)

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Star Guitar

Remixer: Star Guitar


Band: Phoenix
From: France
Song Remixed: Lisztomania

Phoenix - Lisztomania (Star Guitar Remix)

Band: Metric
From: Canada
Song Remixed: The Police and the Private

Metric - The Police and the Private (Star Guitar Remix)

All because of garçons

Oh, another Foreign Exchange song between Yelle and Robyn! In my opinion, this one isn't as good as "Who's That Girl/Qui Est Cette Fille?" but I still like it.

Robyn translated the lyrics of Yelle's "À cause des garçons" to English and put them over her covered instrumental version of "Cobrastyle" (originally done by Teddy Bears).

I like Yelle's original version more but the translated version gives me a better idea of what the lyrics are about and the instrumentals to "Cobrastyle" are pretty groovy as well.

Robyn - Because of boys
Yelle - À cause des garçons

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Get ravey with this GRUM remix.

GRUM is a guy from Leeds and SymbolOne is a pair of twins from Croatia and Ireland. Apparently, they were separated at birth but found each other again and decided to make sweet dance music and remixes.

This is a nice remix. Listen.

GRUM - Runaway (SymbolOne Remix)

Monday, June 15, 2009

Qui est cette fille that you dream of?

Robyn and Yelle are best buds who are doing something called Foreign Exchange. This results in both of the ladies covering each others music and translating it into the language they originally sing in as well. It's pretty amazing. Yelle covered Robyn's "Who's That Girl" and put her crazy dance-pop-electro-glitzy twist to it.

Yelle - Qui Est Cette Fille?

Robyn - Who's That Girl?

Also, how many songs are called "Who's That Girl"? Seriously, just look it up on Youtube.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Look at me! Oh, look at me!

Is this the way I'll always be?

Passion Pit's "The Reeling" is such a happy, upbeat song that I almost can't handle it. But luckily, I can and I love it. It makes me wanna throw my hands in the air and smile as hard as I can every time I listen to it.

I was avoiding Passion Pit for a while there (reasons for this are unknown) but I finally decided to check out their first full-length album, Manners, the other day and I've been digging it ever since. Most of the songs on the album are as upbeat as "The Reeling"; it's definitely a good summer album.

Most of the remixes for "The Reeling" aren't that much different from the original and if they are different, they aren't that good. So here is the original, which is a perfect dancing song on its own.

Passion Pit - The Reeling

Passion Pit - The Reeling