Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Never miss a beat

As I was mindlessly researching for a mandatory course, I was listening to Cut Copy's remix of The Kaiser Chiefs - Never Miss a Beat. After about four minutes into the song, I had an unavoidable urge to start dancing in my computer chair. I thought, "that was pretty sweet" then continued on with my research. The playlist was on repeat so when it came to that song a second time, I found myself unintentionally dancing in my chair again. That's when I knew; I must write about this remix.

This remix starts off pretty good but it doesn't get amazing until it hits around four minutes. As you can see from my previous statements, that's when the real dancing gets started. It's almost like:

You're sitting in a chair at a dance party. You don't know anyone at this party and you're shy. You're just there because you are (no questions). You're grooving to the song wishing you had someone to dance with just because you wanna dance! Then all of a sudden, this excited, animated person grabs you out of your chair and starts dancing with you. You guys have this unprepared, synchronized dance routine that surprisingly works perfectly. And the rest of the night goes down in dance history.

That is, this song in a nutshell.

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