Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Clips

It's quite unfortunate that the two venues I've seen this band perform at were places dedicated to drunkenness. The first time I saw this band, it was at the late Chair Factory (may it rest in shitty peace). Sorry if I offended anyone with that comment but this venue was pretty bad. Ok, maybe it was alright for the occasional dance party for 100-200 people. But for a "concert" with more than 300 people it was pretty stupid. This venue only had two unisex bathroom stalls and there were no in-and-out privileges. So when I saw them perform at the Chair Factory, I was enjoying the music but I really wasn't into the skeezy environment so I left early to go somewhere where more than two bathroom stalls existed.
The second time I saw them was at good ol' Pub 340, another wonderful place full of cheap booze. This time was a lot better than the time at the Chair Factory, probably because there were less people and the sound was A LOT better. Though, I didn't get to watch the whole performance due to circumstances that don't need to be mentioned.

The Clips are a band from Vancouver that I think your ears need and want to hear. I have to admit that I really enjoy their music live. I would like to see them again in a better venue. One of the band member's, Edo Van Breeman (vocals and keyboards), is doing a solo act at Richard's on Richards on Sept 25 but after that, it looks like the band is heading to the east for the Pop Montreal Festival (which I really wish I could go to). But I'm sure they will be back soon.

This is one of my favourite songs. Check it.
The Clips - Wire
If you want to check out more of their stuff, there is a link to their myspace below.
The Clips Myspace


kallskänkan said...

Awww, you left out the interesting part. And I must ask, this wasn´t the band that you, me and david saw at the Chair Factory, was it? Because I remember that band as terrible. Or wait, did we go there twice? Because now I remember one good band playing in red lights and a bad screaming in white lights. And now I feel very confused...

M.E. said...

haha what was the most interesting part??
but yes we saw them at the chair factory. the first band that played was horrible and then the clips played after.

molly said...


drunkenness definitely didn't heighten the half alive experience...