Monday, November 30, 2009

E. Torrini

One last post for the month.
When I was 14, I was obsessed with this one Emilíana Torrini song called "To be free", which was originally created for her album, Love In The Time Of Science (2000). The song was featured on a movie I also really liked when I was younger, Crazy/Beautiful. I listened to this song on repeat for something like two years. Then, listened to it occasionally after that.

Now, I'm obsessed again. The Icelandic singer released an album in September called Me and Armini. It's really good, I'm surprised I hadn't heard of it until now. "Dead Duck" is probably my favourite on the album. It has a break in the middle with a piano solo. I also really like "Hold Heart" and "Gun." She has a soft voice that cradles me into an imaginary bed made of clouds.

Emilíana Torrini - Dead Duck

Emilíana Torrini - To be free

Friday, November 27, 2009

Friendly Fires: Givin' it a little bit more

When I found out The Xx and Friendly Fires were playing together, I was slightly surprised. Only because the two bands give off different vibes and energy. The Xx are very good but very slow. While Friendly Fires are really upbeat, they don't really have any slow songs.

It was almost like I went to two completely different concerts tonight. I relaxed during The Xx and thirty minutes later, I went crazy with Friendly Fires.

The Xx

I enjoyed most of the songs The Xx played. "Shelter", "Crystalised", "Heart Skipped a Beat", and "Night Time" were all performed excellently. The quality of their songs was very good. But to be honest, I don't have much else to say. I don't really remember much of their part of the concert except for that it sounded good. There was nothing bad about it but nothing too special about it either.

It did seem like a lot of people came just to see The Xx though. I think they should've headlined their own show at a smaller venue. They could've easily filled the Biltmore.

Friendly Fires

The original three-piece band, Friendly Fires, was definitely more memorable, mainly because of their energy, and maybe because I like their music a little more (no offense to The Xx). The Xx was very good but the energy was mediocre compared to Friendly Fires.

As soon as they started out, I was happy. The lead singer, Ed Macfarlane, dances so hard; it's so awesome. He's so energetic that it's contagious. And it isn't only him either, the rest of the band members have loads of energy as well, especially the guitarist, Edd Gibson. As for the drummer, Jack Savidge, he bangs it all out on the drums.

My one complaint about the Friendly Fires part of the show is: the vocal acoustics were very quiet. At first, you could barely hear Macfarlane. Then, someone slightly turned the volume knob so you could hear the vocals but they still weren't as loud as I would've liked them to be.

Besides the vocal acoustics issue, I really enjoyed this concert. I liked the cool ending they added to "Photobooth". They had trumpet and saxophone players performing in the background. This is gonna sound intense but it was euphoric.

Macfarlane introduced "White Diamonds" by saying it was inspired by German techno. When he said that, I really wondered which song it could be and I guess it makes sense that out of all their songs, this would be the one that falls into that category. But apparently, a couple of their other songs are influenced by German techno as well. Who would've known?

I was really glad they played their new song, "Kiss of Life", as well. This song is really fun to dance to. It just makes me want to stomp around.

At first, I was kind of disappointed that "Ex Lover" was the encore song. That's because it's not my most favourite song on their album, Friendly Fires. But the band performed it so well that I've changed my mind. Gibson ran through the audience near the end of this song, and right by me. I'm not gonna lie, I thought about reaching out to grab him but I resisted.

The band has jumped into the audience the last two times I saw them as well so I definitely expected at least one of them to go into the audience. The first time I saw them at Richards' on Richards, Gibson and Macfarlane went into the audience and performed but that was back when they weren't as popular (they were opening for Lykke Li at the time).

Out of all the songs performed, "On Board" was probably my favourite. They really got the audience pumped on this one. At the end of this song, I just went nuts. I posted the video to this song at the end of this entry, which you should definitely check out.

I was exhausted by the end of the concert from dancing and singing so hard. Thank you, Friendly Fires. I needed that.

Friendly Fires - On Board

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


This is an old song from Cocorosie's second album, Noah's Ark (2005), but I feel like it fits this November well.

Note: Don't let the song title deceive you.

Cocorosie - Tekno Love Song

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Will you still love me tomorrow?

November is almost over and I've barely been able to post any blog entries. I know, it's shameful.

To compensate for the lack of music on my blog, here is a live cover of "Will you still love me tomorrow" by my favourite, (yes, you guessed it) Lykke Li. It's a sadder, completely piano-based version of the Shirelles'.


Lykke Li - Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow (Live Cover)

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Reading in Bed Remix

Metric's lead singer/keyboardist, Emily Haines, released a depressing yet inspiring solo album in 2006 called Knives Don't Have Your Back. One of the songs from the album, "Reading in Bed", was remixed by 65daysofstatic (also known as 65days). The remix appears on their album called RMXSCEE (2008). Why did it take a year for this remix to fall into my lap? I don't really know but I'm so glad it's in my life now.

I had never heard of this British band until this remix but apparently, they are well-known for their off-tempo drumbeats. I love this remix but I did notice the off-beat drums after a couple of listens. I assumed it was intentional because it wasn't that noticeable. Turns out, it's 65days' trademark.

The remix mainly focuses on the lyrics "so sad." It's very different from the original; completely different aura, and I like it. The band manipulated jewelry box sounds and intense guitar into the song. I really feel like this remix was influenced by Broken Social Scene's "Anthems for a Seventeen Year Old Girl", which also features vocals by Emily Haines. They emit the same kind of feeling. In my opinion, it sounds like 65daysofstatic wanted to recreate something similar to "Anthems for a Seventeen Year Old Girl." Maybe they didn't intentionally do this but it sounds like it to me. And, I think they did a good job.

Emily Haines - Reading in Bed
Emily Haines - Reading in Bed (65daysofstatic Remix)

Broken Social Scene - Anthems for a Seventeen Year Old Girl