Monday, September 1, 2008

Not a great DJ

I remember reading a blog a couple of months ago about the Tings Tings remix Calvin Harris did (I couldn't remember the name of the blog nor could find it) but it proposed this question: " Calvin Harris a great DJ?"
Um...I don't really think so.
I saw Calvin Harris spin at Celebrities last night and to be honest, I liked Paul Devro's DJ set more than Calvin Harris'. Harris kept busting out songs full of hardcore repetition and I know dance music is full of repetition, but these songs would repeat that one moment in a song that should only happen once. You know which moment I'm talking about, that moment where there's no beat and it sounds like you're underwater; that shouldn't happen five times in one song. He also played a lot of songs that played a high pitch noise that just got higher and higher and higher until I thought my brain would explode. Once again, I don't mind this once in a song but if it's more than that, the sober brain doesn't like it too much.
On the other hand, Paul Devro's DJ set was pretty good. He played Cut Copy, Lykke Li (which was a huge surprise), Feist (Boys Noize remix), and other good shizz.
We did leave early so maybe Harris started playing better stuff after we left. But while I was there, I wasn't really into it.

The Black Ghosts - Repetition Kills You

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