Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Second Narrows Bridge

I think I'm starting to scare people with my walking escapades.

Today, I decided to walk home from Kootney Loop. It was a random thought I had after I missed the bus to Phibbs Exchange. And I decided to do it in heeled boots and a dress. And wow was it dirty. I also got many, many weird looks from drivers and cyclists. The semi-truck wind made my hair bigger and fluffier. I also had a splattered fly on my chest when I got home and dirt in my mouth (Mmmm...). Don't worry, I was also shaking my head at myself.

But really, it wasn't as bad as it sounds. It actually only took me an hour and my music kept me moving across that dirty bridge. So what was I listening to?

Chromeo - Call me up (Kill the Noise Remix)

Ratatat - Wildcat

Ratatat - Seventeen Years

Lykke Li - I'm good, I'm gone (Chuck Brody Remix)

Metric - Empty

Metric - Hustle Rose

Patrick Wolf - Overture

Ima freak

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