Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Black Ghosts

I recently discovered The Black Ghosts via the Hype Machine. I was originally attracted to their amazing electronic cover of Let's Get Physical (originally performed by Olivia Newton-John). Since this cover was so awesome I decided to check out the rest of their stuff. And I was extremely impressed with their original stuff, I think you will be too.
This duo is composed of the lead singer, Simon Lord, from the band Simian (well-known for their song "We are your friends" which was remixed by Justice) and Theo Keating (who seems to be a well-known British DJ - he has his own Wikipedia page). Therefore this band seems promising. CHECK THEM OUT!!!

Let's get physical <-- So good

It's your touch

Tears from a gun

Also see my first blog - I posted their single "I want nothing" and the video along with it.

More info? Check out:

Their official webpage

And their MySpace


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