Monday, June 9, 2008

First Post

Finally...I have my own blog

It's June 9 (almost June 10) and it's raining and cold. Oh...the joys of living in Vancouver. Though, I don't mind the rain...sometimes it's relaxing to hear or walk in (when you are sporting the proper attire). But when it's June, I kind of want to see a little sun. I think it may have rained non-stop today. And it was too rainy to take a walk so I took a hot bath accompanied by Röyksopp instead.

Music for this rainy day:

Röyksopp's album The Understanding - Check that whole thing out

The Black Ghosts - I want nothing (extended mix)

And a video to go along with this:

The Black Ghosts - I want nothing

Love it all.

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kallskänkan said...

woho! marie has a blog!