Thursday, December 17, 2009

Busking For Change Concert in Vancouver

The Vancouver band Elias is putting on a daylong concert tomorrow (Friday, Dec 18th). The concert will run from 10am - 6pm outside of Library Square, in three set-up stages. Elias will be playing with other local Vancouver bands, Said the Whale, Adaline and We Are The City.

Elias has been running the "Give me truth" campaign, which is dedicated to helping War Child. War Child is a charity that helps war-affected children. Elias has a "Give me truth" petition online and if you sign it, you will receive a free download package that contains two songs and a video.

The main purpose of the Busking For Change concert is to raise money for the War Child charity. It's a great purpose and it's a cool location. I really wish I could attend but I'm away in Seattle right now. Hopefully the weather holds up for the concert.

If you're interested in going, there is the full schedule of who's playing at what time on Facebook.

Elias - All We Want

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