Sunday, December 13, 2009


I'm in the midst of remixing my blog's look. I was getting sick of the old photo I had had for over a year now (it is above). I still really like this photo, maybe just because of the history that's behind it. I took it in a club in Vancouver called the Modern. At the time, they used to have this really good electro event called OMG WTF. It was cancelled, and my friend and I were devastated. We found other events, but they were cancelled as well. We're OK though. Don't worry.

So I've settled on a banner at the moment but I'm thinking about doing something else. I'm still not really loving this one. Feel free to give input.

To go along with my new blog look, here is a remix of Friendly Fires' "On Board" by Joakim. This DJ can do some amazing remixes. But I don't think my remixing of my blog is as good as Joakim's remix. One day...

Friendly Fires - On Board (Joakim remix)

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