Thursday, December 10, 2009

This is Your Disco Song

Ever since I discovered Vitalic's Flashmob the other day, I've been non-stop listening to anything created by this French electro artist. I had only listened to one of his songs previously called "The Past." It's a slower one but it's still good. Then, "Poison Lips" fell into my lap along with the rest of Flashmob and I'm so hooked.

I'm especially hooked to "Your Disco Song" but I'm still trying to figure out if Vitalic is making fun of his fans or not. The voice in the beginning almost reminds of a voice that would be used to brainwash someone so it makes me a little skeptical but I'm still in love with the song and the video.

The video seems to also be a critique of society; we get so obsessed with certain things that we want to become them. In this girl's case, a disco ball! In my case, a computer! Maybe I'm just joking about that last one...or am I?

Anyways, I'm really entranced by this video. I haven't been this into a video since Ratatat's "Shempi."

Vitalic - Your Disco Song

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