Tuesday, December 22, 2009


A good majority of the time I spent in the States this week was consumed by Muse. I'm sure everyone has heard this but I'm gonna write it anyways: Muse is coming to the Pacific Coliseum in Vancouver on April 1st. The presales for the concert were a little fishy but whatever, I'm over it. My seats are decent, though I would've loved floor seats (obviously).

So putting my stress over Muse tickets aside, my favourite part of this trip was probably the train ride I took from Seattle to Vancouver. After that, I never want to take an Amtrak bus again. I loved the train. It was very dark out and it took a long time but it was so relaxing, going by lit up houses, freeways and water while listening to Muse's "Blackout" at one point. I can't wait to take this train again.

Muse - Blackout

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