Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Not Made For Love EP

Like I blogged about earlier this month, Metronomy is coming to Vancouver (again) on Oct 13th! Tickets can be purchased at Scratch Records downtown.

I was lucky enough to hear their latest EP, Not Made For Love, before its official release date (Oct 5th). The EP has three original songs on it and four remixes of two of the three songs. The three originals ("Not Made For Love", "Do The Right Thing", and "What Do I Do Now") maintain Metronomy's abstract funky-electro style from their first album, Nights Out.

"Not Made For Love" is a sad song and speaks out to those short term lovers. "Do The Right Thing" is relaxing and makes me want to do exactly what the song entails. In "What Do I Do Now", I love the crazy keyboard/computer-like notes. This one is a little more upbeat than the other two, which I really like. It's mainly instrumentals (there are vocals but they are so computerized it's hard to make out what they're trying to communicate). I do like this attribute; I think it's pretty cool. At the end of the song, the lyrics ("what do I do now?") are made coherent and repeat until the end, which is a very nice touch to the song. "What Do I Do Now" makes me excited for what their future album is going to be like.

The remixes that follow the three originals are fairly good (which are produced by Joakim, Leo Zero, Wild Geese and Alalal). The Alalal remix stands out the most to me. I think it's because it uses the elating synth-based peak of "Not Made For Love" throughout the entire remix, making it a little more upbeat than the original.

The band is moving away from having a computer as a live band member so they have gained two new members, a drummer and a bassist (their previous bassist left the band). I'm definitely excited to see Metronomy perform with four human members instead of three humans and a computer. I love computer incorporated music but there's just something about having a real drummer that appeals to me more than having a computer drummer.

You can listen to most of the EP on the band's myspace.

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