Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Sian Alice Group Remix EP

I fortunately got a chance to interview Sian Alice Group when they played at Vancouver's Biltmore Cabaret. I really liked the persona of the band members and their live performance. They gave me a vinyl record of their Remix EP (which is only available for sale on tour and online for download, but will soon be available in select record stores). Remix has 3 remixed songs: “As the Morning Light” by Alexis Taylor from Hot Chip, “Murder” by Brian DeGraw from Gang Gang Dance and “Way Down to Heaven” by Spring Heel Jack (a band that Rupert, the drummer of Sian Alice Group, produces).
The remixes were fairly intriguing. I liked Alexis Taylor's remix of "As the Morning Light". Though, I thought it was more like a cover than a remix. I kind of wish he had kept Sian Ahern's voice in there. "Murder" by Brian DeGraw was another interesting spin on Sian Alice Group's music. At one point, he really made Ahern's voice high-pitched which, in my opinion, may have overdone the 15 minute remix.
Overall, it was definitely a cool and enticing EP to listen to. Remixes are always interesting to listen to whether you think they're good or not. Rupert explained, “in a way we get to live vicariously through their interpretation of the music we write.” Since I'm so obsessed with remixes, I really liked this quote. I never really thought of remixes as an outlet for listeners and artists to live vicariously through an interpretation of music by another artist.

So here is the official website of Sian Alice Group's record label, The Social Registry (it's a pretty good label website) and a video that proves to me once more that this band is flawless when performing live. Just ignore the shaky camera work.
Sian Alice Group - Motionless

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