Friday, October 10, 2008

Cut Copy and The Presets Concert

The concert I made such a big deal about and still am making a big deal about

My friend and I arrived at the Commodore Ballroom too early (once again). We chilled out for a bit and tried to take pictures of ourselves but failed every time so we decided to get some redbull. After we got our redbull, the first band, Heartbreak, started to play. They consisted of two people, one guy who appreciated anonymous Canadian dance music and another guy who just played around with his laptop, synths and occasionally contributed the odd back-up vocal. They were pretty good but what made them so good and entertaining was the singer. He was dressed in tight dress clothes and knew how to dance. This guy was really getting into his music; so into it that I couldn't help but laugh a little (but I was laughing with him, not at him...).

After Heartbreak played, the crowd started to move closer to the stage and The Presets came on within half an hour. They started off with "Talk like that" and followed up with "Down Down Down"; these two intense songs started the concert off nicely and it got more intense as the night went on. The Presets had hypnotizing lights and images of creepy skulls on a video screen which went perfectly with their chilling, electronic music.

Once the Presets finished up their set, Cut Copy got to the stage in due time. But once they came on, it was really hard to dance in the crowd. All we could do was jump around and hit other people. So we decided to move to the back so we could dance to our full potential. Once we got there, we could appreciate the concert and music a lot more because we didn't have someone's elbow on our shoulders.
Cut Copy was excited and ready to take on the crowd with their melodic dance music. They also had captivating lights and interesting, colourful images on a screen. Out of all the songs they played, I enjoyed "Out there on the ice" and "Lights & Music" the most (maybe because they are my two favourite songs). Cut Copy's live music produces more feelings of elation than I thought possible.

And now, I can't stop listening to the Presets or Cut Copy. I'm mostly loving "Talk like that" by The Presets. The alluring beat and inappropriate lyrics keep me moving and working on lame school work I've procrastinated.
"Talk Like That"

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