Thursday, November 13, 2008


I surprisingly discovered this video (and the artist, Apparat) on YouTube. I listened to the song before fully watching the video. At first, I thought the song was pretty good; it kind of reminded me of Röyksopp. Then, I watched the video which left me feeling a little confused and sad. I watched it again, and again, and again...I seriously couldn't stop watching it. Now, I can't stop listening to "Arcadia." I feel like this song and video hypnotized me into loving them (which I have no problem with at all).

Little bit of info on Apparat:

Apparat is essentially a German man named Sascha Ring. He has released three LPs (according to his official website but Wikipedia states otherwise); his LP released in 2007, Walls, features this song, "Arcadia". I've listened to the rest of Walls and it's relaxing yet full of irresistable dance beats at the same time.

The video and song are well-produced and synchronized nicely with one another. The video can be interpreted differently by different people so I won't do an analysis of it and leave that up to the viewer. All I'm going to say is; poor crow.

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