Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Muse - Uprising

New album artwork and another song to listen to. You can buy it from iTunes/Muse's website.

I definitely like "Uprising" more than "The United States of Eurasia." "Uprising" sounds more like Muse while "USE" sounds too much like Queen for my liking. There's nothing wrong with Queen; I'm just not really keen on the idea of Muse sounding like them. Though, I do like the piano in "USE"; especially the end/"Collateral Damage" part.

But "Uprising" makes me a little more excited for the new album, The Resistance (to be released: September 15).

Muse - The United States of Eurasia

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David said...

Agree, and the album better be more like uprising cause im going to see them in stlhm.
Hope you are well!