Monday, November 30, 2009

E. Torrini

One last post for the month.
When I was 14, I was obsessed with this one Emilíana Torrini song called "To be free", which was originally created for her album, Love In The Time Of Science (2000). The song was featured on a movie I also really liked when I was younger, Crazy/Beautiful. I listened to this song on repeat for something like two years. Then, listened to it occasionally after that.

Now, I'm obsessed again. The Icelandic singer released an album in September called Me and Armini. It's really good, I'm surprised I hadn't heard of it until now. "Dead Duck" is probably my favourite on the album. It has a break in the middle with a piano solo. I also really like "Hold Heart" and "Gun." She has a soft voice that cradles me into an imaginary bed made of clouds.

Emilíana Torrini - Dead Duck

Emilíana Torrini - To be free

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