Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Here Is What Is - 07.28.09

Every once and a while, I enjoy listening to something that isn't an electrified dance beat. When I was contacted about Here Is What Is, I was pleasantly surprised after listening to a sample of their EP, Done Before It Starts. The band is described as "genre-bending, experimental indie rock", which I would agree with to a certain extent.

The band was created in Vancouver and their formation was catalyzed by the bassist, Josh Cole (who attended Capilano College/University in North Vancouver).

For a good majority of last night's concert at the Media Club, my mind floated along with the music. I don't think this is a bad thing. I do enjoy going to a concert and letting my imagination travel with the music. With the wavering guitar sounds and soft, long vocals in songs like "Done Before It Starts", "Lucy and the Lost Lions", and "Please Wake Up"; it's hard not to let your imagination take control of your thoughts.

"You Can't Not Dance" was a song that stood out. This tune has a steady, catchy beat that emits pure emotion. The female vocalist/guitarist, stated that the audience should dance at this point but no one seemed to take this advice (unless there were a few at the front I couldn't see), me being one of them. With no offense to the band, this song isn't exactly a song I would dance to, which isn't a bad thing. It's a great song. It's most definitely my favourite aside from "Final Fantasy." It's just a fairly slow beat that really just makes me want to bob my head, move my shoulders a little and let my mind dance to.

All-in-all, the concert was well-performed. Perhaps it's because the band consists of siblings and good friends, but they all seem to be on the same musical page. Here Is What Is is going on tour to promote their new EP and I'm sure by the end of the tour, they will be heading towards bigger and better things.

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