Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Eastern Canada so far

So far, my eastern experience has been full of rain, sparse shopping, graveyards, anne of green gables, drunk relatives, "sing songs", seafood and forest animals. There are so many crazy things going on over here.

We've been driving all over New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island. I'm glad my mother and I can enjoy music that satisifies both our music tastes. We've been listening to MGMT, Cut Copy, Bruce Springsteen, Patrick Wolf and Coldplay. So far, Coldplay seems to be our official driving music. My mom loves them and I like them enough to listen to them for 3 hours straight while driving across the N dot B dot.

Coldplay - Viva la Vida

Sidenote: Chris Martin looks like a freak

Also, my grandpa and his friends invited my mother and I over for a "sing song" which I actually really enjoyed. They played songs by The Beatles, John Lennon, Johnny Cash, Linda Ronstadt, Elvis Presley, The Eagles, and many more.

The Beatles - All my loving

Our "sing song" was more exciting than this video.
Yea, that's right.

PS: P.E.I. would be nothing without Anne.

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Girrian said...

Oh brucey....Haha. Anne is the queen of PEI. I used to love all her little movies.