Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Wooden Sky. Biltmore Cabaret. 10/07.

Opening for one of Canada's favourite acts (Elliott Brood), The Wooden Sky took the stage after the progressive, almost acid rock-like band, Sleepy Sun. The Wooden Sky is a four-piece band from Toronto. They have recently released their second album, If I Don't Come Home You'll Know I'm Gone and it's an album that deserves a description that's similar to this review of their live performance.

Every time I enter the under layer of the Biltmore Cabaret, I always feel like I'm being transported into a different world. Maybe it's the hot atmosphere, the red lighting or something I can't put my finger on but whatever it is, depending on the band playing, I can be transported into other worlds that the Biltmore can't do on its own. The Wooden Sky did just that. Each of their songs reminded of a different city. When they first started, I felt as if I was in the Maritime provinces again, listening to a family jam session. Then, they played "Angels" and I was all of a sudden in Romania. Each song painted a new image in my head. Songs like, "Lock and Key", brought me to the deserts of Las Vegas, and others like, "The Late King Henry", took me to the edge of the Mississippi River. The band's music could be described as wanderer's music, due to the way it made my brain travel. "Angels" and "Lock and Key" were probably my favourite out of all the songs that were played. I liked the electric guitar solo in "Lock and Key" and the imagery that "Angels" sketched for me.

To be honest, I liked the Wooden Sky more than Elliott Brood. No offense to Elliott Brood but I enjoyed Gavin Gardiner's delectably cracking voice a little more than Sasso's raspy one. The Wooden Sky performed very well and they were well-received by the audience. I was surprised to here how hard the audience was clapping and cheering at the end of their show. I wasn't surprised because I thought they didn't deserve it or anything (because they definitely did) but surprised just because that doesn't usually happen. I'm sure anyone who's been to a concert will understand what I mean by this. You're always pleasantly surprised when the opening band is good. They had former Mother Mother member, Debra Jean Creelman, join them on stage. It was kind of hard to hear her but it's the thought that counts.

With chords hanging from the ceiling and sweaty plaid shirts on the ground, The Wooden Sky performed to impress. Their songs invited the audience to join them in their wander through cities of different emotions.

The Wooden Sky - Oh my god - It still means a lot to me

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