Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Running 'Round All Sweaty with The Presets

Holy crap. This concert was a serious sweatfest.

We arrived at the end of the Golden Filter's set, which from what I saw and heard sounded pretty good.

The Presets started their set with "Talk Like That", which is one of my favourite songs. We were up at the front for half of this song where the crowd was extremely physical. Once the song started up, everyone began to jump, sway and push. We wanted more room to bust some dance moves so we moved off to the side where I surprisingly took better pictures than I did at the front (probably because at the front, I was getting pushed so much that my camera couldn't focus properly). But after a while I gave up on taking pictures and just danced extremely hard to the music.

With the colourful strobe lights and intense music, The Presets pumped the crowd up very easily. Everyone was jumping and dancing (minus two losers in front of us but we'll pretend they weren't really there). Another cool thing about this concert was that the Presets seemed genuinely stoked on how energetic and excited the Vancouver crowd was. Keep in mind, I think about 50% of this crowd was from Australia, the home country of the Presets. At one point, one audience member got on their friend's shoulders and held up an Australian flag. But almost everyone, including the Vancouver peeps, was jumping and dancing to the music.

My favourite song of the show was probably "If I Know You". It was performed slightly different from the recorded version; this was really nice on my eardrums. I felt like I was lost in the music. Yea, sounds so corny but sometimes you just feel these things at concerts. I'm sure we can all admit to it.

Before The Presets left the stage, they played "My People" which obviously left everyone wanting more because it's such a pumping song. After about a minute or two of persuading the duo back onto the stage, they came back out and performed "Anywhere", which was also performed really well. And once again, I was lost in it.

They played every song from their newest album, Apocalypso, which was awesome. After this concert, I actually felt high and I was completely sober. The lights, band members and music got my adrenalin flowing or something. Or maybe I was just dehydrated and delusional from all the dancing and jumping. Either way, it proves how awesome this concert was.

The Presets - Anywhere

"My People"

"If I Know You"

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