Tuesday, April 21, 2009


"Yes, this fear's gotta hold on me"

If you know me fairly well then you will know of my extreme dislike for the Toronto electronic duo, Crystal Castles. Reasons for this don't need to be disclaimed on this post. BUT I will give them this: they are apparently really good remixers. They produced a really, really good remix of "Death" by White Lies.

I discovered this remix some time last year so it isn't a new one but I've re-discovered it and I'm re-realizing how good it is. Especially now, after I saw the White Lies live with Friendly Fires. At the concert, I heard the original version of "Death" for the first time ever and I actually like the Crystal Castles remix way more. Maybe it's because I heard the remix first but I feel like it coincides with the lyrics a little better than the original. The original is very 80s-like; therefore slightly a little too happy in my opinion. The remix isolates the bridge and chorus (the best two parts of the song) and keeps them going with an intense beat. And unless Crystal Castles produce another really good remix, I will probably never blog about them again. Yea, I'm a jerk but they asked for it.

White Lies - Death (Crystal Castles remix)

White Lies - Death

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