Sunday, February 15, 2009

Tom Fun Orchestra - Pub 340 02.14.09

Once the Tom Fun Orchestra took the stage of Pub 340, I got really excited (though, I had a hard time showing it because it was passed one in the morning). But I was slightly discouraged when the DJ (or sound technician) wouldn't turn off the background music. After like five minutes of this, it became VERY apparent how annoyed the band was because of this. But in due time, all was well and the band started playing their upbeat "cluster rock" music.

After a couple of songs, most of the band left Carmen Townsend (vocalist/guitarist), "Shakey" Shane O'Handley (bassist) and Tommy Stallion (the drummer) to play some of Carmen's solo work. This stuff was nice to hear but quite different from Tom Fun Orchestra. It was more acoustic and very dream-like. It seemed Carmen was originally only going to play one of her songs and continue with the Tom Fun Orchestra after her song was done but this didn't work out so smoothly. Carmen just ended up playing two songs instead while the rest of the band increased their level of intoxication.

The combination of Townsend's and Ian MacDougall's (main vocalist/guitarist) was as pleasing as it is in the original recordings of this band's music. I really do like the fiddle as well especially in the song, "Last Of The Curious Thieves." The sound wasn't too great but I'm blaming the venue for that.

Tom Fun's live performance definitely had a maritime aura emanating throughout the venue. In the dim environment, I felt like I wasn't really in Vancouver but more like I was in one of the Maritime provinces again; which was something I definitely enjoyed. Also, fitting eight people on that stage didn't seem as difficult as I thought it would. It didn't look THAT packed.

Besides the sound problems and time scheduling of Pub 340, Tom Fun Orchestra was a pretty good time. It was full of unique dance moves and offerings of mustache rides and kissing booths. It also provided a relief to those Valentine's Day frustrations by producing a concert full of sonic aphrodisiac music for the hungry ears of the audience.

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