Monday, February 23, 2009

Green Go

Derived from Guelph house parties, Green Go is a band that wants to make your body move. The band consists of five people who seem to share instrumental roles; Ferenc Stenton (band leader according to CBC Radio 3), Jess Tollesfon (keyboards/vocals), Kyle Squance (bass/guitar/vocals), Mark Andrade (drums/guitar/bass/vocals), and Adam Scott ("drum droid").

Their debut album, Borders, is set to release in April. If you want to check out some songs that will be featured on the album, check out their myspace. There, you will find upbeat songs that will make you wish you were in Ontario at one of these Green Go house dance parties.

While working on their new album, they also found time to work on an ongoing remix project which does (and will) contain remixes of their favourite artists; which seem to mostly be other Canadian artists. So far, they've done remixes of: Women, Born Ruffians, Gentleman Reg, The D'Urbervilles, and the Rural Alberta Advantage. Future remixes will include: Bocce, DD/MM/YYYY, Woodhands, The Bicycles, and Forest City Lovers.

So keep an eye out for Green Go's new album and more of their future remixes. Hopefully, there will be some national (and/or international) Green Go house parties soon.

Green Go - Watch Your Step

Gentleman Reg - Thunderstorm (Green Go Remix)

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