Thursday, January 8, 2009

Miami Horror

Miami Horror is comprised of one man from Melbourne, Australia. His influences range from Todd Rundgren to Cut Copy. After listening to his Myspace songs, I've noticed that there is an apparent subtle trance twist added to most of his remixes.

"Talk like that" by The Presets is quite an intense electro song. In the original, there is a heavy use of the organ which inevitably adds to the overall sexual creepiness of the song. When I first saw that "Talk like that" was remixed by Miami Horror, I honestly thought that it wouldn't do the original justice, but I was wrong on that one. Miami Horror remixed this song very well; he took it down a notch on the creepy scale for the masses. He eliminates the organ, replacing it with synthesizers and keys which gave it that subtle trance twist I mentioned earlier.

This remix needs to be played on the dance floors.

The Presets - Talk like that (Miami Horror remix)

You can hear the original here.

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