Sunday, January 25, 2009

Metronomy and Fan Death - 01.24

Disregarding the intoxication of the Biltmore Cabaret, Metronomy and Fan Death played a sweet concert. Even though some audience members decided to intentionally let their drinks loose on the dance floor (which left us smelling like booze and sweat for the rest of the night), it added to the overall scene of the concert; out-of-control, stinky and drunk. Explanation of the side picture: thanks to the low ceiling of the Biltmore, I ended up only "successfully" taking pictures of the rambunctious crowd rather than Metronomy or Fan Death.

The bands:

Fan Death is a bigger Vancouver band than I had anticipated. Apparently, the lead singer, Dandi Wind, helped produce Metronomy's video, "Radio Ladio". She has also done some work with Lady Sovereign. Fan Death is also supposed to be playing at the Bourbon next week and Dandi Wind is playing at Pub 340 Jan. 30th.

When Metronomy took the stage, people started dancing on speakers, crowd surfing and walking on the ceiling (no joke). Half of the crowd was freaking out while the other half just stood there in disgust/shock/amaze at the freak-out session that was going on around them. Metronomy played well throughout the whole show but by the end of it, they seemed a little tired. They mentioned the Lil' Wayne concert that was also happening the same night and joked around that they were going to play the song that made them famous, "A Milli" (which actually was Metronomy's song called "Back on the motorway"; not one of the songs that made them famous).
Out of all the songs they played, I enjoyed "The end of you too" the most (which is an instrumental with around 5 different levels of intensity; trust me, it's a good one).

So overall, it was a sweet concert full of an extreme amount of dancing. I wished the encore was more than one song ("You could easily have me") but besides that, it was good and definitely worth $20.

Metronomy - The end of you too
Fan Death - Veronica's Veil

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