Friday, January 30, 2009

Fan Death at the Burb

Fan Death played at the Bourbon last night to most of the usual crowd. The performance was pretty hyper (which I really liked). This time, I could actually see them unlike last week at the Biltmore, where I could only see the people's heads in front of me. The vocalist, Dandi Wind, did a great job entertaining the crowd by flying and bouncing around the stage. She kept the audience intrigued and in awe. She was up on speakers, the stage railing, on the floor; all over the place. As she danced along to the electronic music, the rest of the band kept the beat with the keyboards and synths (and maybe some other instruments I couldn't recognize).

The concert was short and sweet. And apparently people at the Bourbon don't know how to clap. I guess it isn't protocol for performances at this venue. I would really like to see Fan Death in a better venue (like I do with many other Vancouver bands). I like the Bourbon and the Biltmore as places for dance parties but for concerts, I don't. I think the best venue for an intimate concert is Richard's on Richards but that could just be me. Hopefully one day, Fan Death will play Richards (or even the Commodore).

Unfortunately, the band doesn't have any CDs for sale yet but they have a video! You can listen to their music on Myspace and/or see their video on Youtube (or below).

Fan Death - Veronica's Veil

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