Tuesday, December 30, 2008

5 Best Albums of 2008

I've decided to write one category which focuses on the five best albums (in my opinion) released in 2008. I have justified my list to myself by listening to all these albums once more and appreciating them again like I did previously in the year.

So here they are...

Best Five Albums of 2008:

Lykke Li - Youth Novels

Released: June 2008

Lykke Li was no doubt my favourite artist of the year. Her album, Youth Novels, was introduced to me by two of my favourite Swedes. Since then, I've posted six blog posts revolving around her.
This album, along with her performance and style, is innovative and irresistible. Even though she had a hard time starting out at first, I believe her motivation and passion have paid off and I think will continue to do so.

Lykke Li - Breaking it Up

Metronomy - Nights Out
Released: September 2008

This album was unexpectedly well-done. Via Hype Machine, I mainly focused on Metronomy's remixes when I first started listening to them (which are usually always good). Then, I got a hold of "Heartbreaker" and became obsessed. I just recently listened to all of this album and I was very impressed. It takes its listener through scenes of medieval electronica to modern love-dance melodies. This album doesn't appear to be on anyone else's "end of the year" pieces but I think it definitely deserves a spot in my top 5 best albums of 2008.

Metronomy - A Thing for Me

Cut Copy - In Ghost Colours
Released: May 2008

One of my close friends introduced me to Cut Copy's second album, In Ghost Colours. This band has been frequently played at the clubs I attend which has made me enjoy their music even more because it's ideal for dance parties of any type. This album will forever remind me of Vancouver now. Even though they hail from Australia, the Vancouver "scene" has submitted this album deep into its roots.

Cut Copy - Lights and Music

MGMT - Oracular Spectacular

Released: March 2008

Surprisingly, I discovered MGMT on the Canadian music channel, Much Music, when their song "Time to Pretend" was released as their first single in March. I immediately looked them up and discovered the rest of the album which I digged right away. Since the release of this album, MGMT's fanbase has grown extremely.

MGMT - Electric Feel (Youtube Link)

Plants and Animals - Parc Avenue
Released: February 2008

I was introduced to Plants and Animals while listening to CBC Radio 3 (oh so Canadian). This band was short listed for the Polaris Music Prize and I had fate that they would win but unfortunately, they did not (though, Caribou was a fine choice anyway).
Parc Avenue has been a critically acclaimed album of this year. The acapalla arrangements, numerous instrumentals and nature-like lyrics supply this album with an original sound.

Plants and Animals - Feedback in the Field

Now, we're ready for 2009!

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